Customer Technology Assessment
What is the name of your company?

What is your name, phone number and email address?

Is your current IT support provided by an employee or an IT services provider? If it's a provider, what is the name of the provider? *

If you currently have an IT provider, are you happy with their knowledge, performance, responses and service? *

What company provides your business Internet service? *

What company provides your business phone service? *

Does your company network include a firewall? *

How many servers are being used in your company network? *

A server is typically a larger machine on which Windows Server or another server-class operating system is installed.
How many PCs are actively being used on your company network? *

PCs include machines, regularly used by users, that are running Windows Vista or above, Apple's OSX and above or any brand of Linux.
If using Microsoft Office, what version is it and how many users have it installed? *

(Please list the year and version, for example, Office 2007 Home and Business, Office 2010 Standard, Office 2013 Professional)
What are the technology issues that frustrate your users the most? *

Please include any lingering or functional issues that are obstacles to productivity, efficiency or employee satisfaction. Also include any services or features you would like to possibly implement.
When is the best time to reach you to discuss your answers? *

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